Monday, 17 October 2011

Surprise surprise!!!

Had a great day today, spent the morning decluttering my sitting room....DVD'S tidied away, ornaments removed that arent essential...etc
Bed Inspector came, measured, photographed, says saggy mattress doesnt look right...he wants to try sleeping on it...he will put in a report..I wait with bated breath.
Went into Newbury, and as a treat for our busy day, we had a coffee and a cake in Costa's...yummy and then...the surprise.
Now as some of you will know already, Hubby and I regularly...well once a year... bunk off to the establishment above, The Grand Hotel in Swanage. We love it, its friendly comfy and the food is wonderful. we have met some lovely people in the several years we have been going there, not least a sweet couple, from Hungary, called Andras, and Beata. Bea was our waitress, and Andras did various roles front of house. we got to know them, they were there two years running,really making our holiday special, friendly , humourous, efficient and then.....they left, to go to Winchester. BOO!!!
However, we kept in touch throught the wonders of Facebook, and they were working in a Tapas Bar. Imagine our surprise, whilst ambling back to the car, whent hey both suddenly appeared out of the very new Tapas bar in Newbury, having been transferred up here. Hugs all round and lots of laughter and smiles. Oh and probably lunch out next wednesday if I am a good girl!! YUM.
Such a great made us both really happy!!!!

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