Friday, 28 October 2011

Autumn beauty

I went for a lovely walk today, with a lady that I am working for. We walked around the playing fields at Marlborough college, in the autumn sunshine It was truly beautiful, still, warm and the trees were glorious. We walked for sometime, chatting, and enjoying the fresh air, then cut down through a footpath, and suddenly, we were both covered in ladybirds!  there were dozens, on our clothes, in our hair and in the air. We laughed, and picked them off of each other, watching them fly away. I have only ever seen one or two ladybirds at a time together, so it was a first for me.Simple pleasures!!!!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

A cop out!!!! sorry

this makes me happy today. Feel ropey, but I know it will do the trick!!!

P.S will try harder tomorrow folks xx

Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Now, I love cooking, as I have said before, but something I have never made successfully up until today, but, I had bought some clotted cream, and expensive jam, so thought I'd best give it a go again!. I decided to google 'scone recipes' and start at the top and keep trying till I made some half decent ones. So I did this one  and Lo and Behold.....beautiful light, fluffy scones!
Thats not mine, but they looked just the same!!!! couldnt believe it...been trying for 30 years at least, and at last I cracked it.....the noises coming from hubby and son as they munched were very pleasing, and then to cap it all, Hubby told me his mum would have enjoyed them, and my lovely mum in law was the scone queen. So a compliment indeed.
Problem is I only made a small batch, so may have to put it on my list of things to do tomorrow!!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Today was  a Bella day, bless her, she came in, demanded cooked breakfast with Grandad, ate 3 chipolatas, 2 rashers of bacon and a bit of tomato. Then we went to Dreams and she helped lie on beds! then a trip to the Bella heaven that is Pets at Home, looking at all the animals, lots of ''oh, so cute'' from Bella....fascination at a cage full of geckos, and wonder at all the fish
Then home for a lovely walk  with Ozzy, and throwing stones into the cows drinking trough. Home for lunch, and then a quiet couple of hours while Little Miss Tired had a sleep.
Later in the afternoon, she asked where grandad was, so, I said, 'he's in the garden, do you want to lookout of the window. (Grandad was rodding the blocked drains) I lifted her up and tapped on the window to let Grandad know she was watching, at which point, in great excitement she said ''Oh Grandad, can I come fishing too''.........couldnt stop laughing!!!
Not sure she would find many fish in our septic tank!!!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Batty bat....Jane to the rescue!

Had a phone call about an hour ago, from Olly across the road, to ask if I was feeling alert ! so I hesitantly said 'yesss'. so he invited me over to help capture an invader in their house. And it was so beautiful, a long eared bat, doing circuits around the landing, round two pyjama clad children, who were awestruck. Is swept past us all, silently, hardly causing a draught, beautiful.
It occasionally settled behind the curtains, and at some point, Olly was able to slip Doms fishing net over it, and I bunched the net up, so it couldnt escape. We all had a quick closer look at it...tiny little body, snub nose, and beady black eyes, and it flew silently away.
I then enjoyed a glass of cold chablis, with lovely Charlotte and Olly, perfect!

Sunday, 23 October 2011


Yes, yes, I know, how can football give me something to smile about...well...its like this. Both my lovely boys support the Gunners, and this season hasnt  been their best  up till now. So Joe's delight at their win today was obvious..........but not as much as his and Dave's delight at the demise of Mnchester United and Chelsea.
And if my boys are happy, then so am I

And...they are going here on Friday, for a stadium tour which we got them last christmas..and I hope they have a great day! xxx

Saturday, 22 October 2011

downtime for me!!

Been a funny sort of day, as I seem to have picked up a mild lurgy. so ...a bit of a sore throat, a bit of a cough, headache and tired.
However......I was lucky enough to have no responsibilities today, nowhere I had to be, no children to look after, and no other commitments.
So this afternoon, after I had walked the dog, I wrapped up in a blanket on the sofa, with some chocolate, and watched 3 episodes of D.I. Banks, with no interruptions at all. It was bliss, and how lucky was I to be able to do that?!!!!
So..every cloud has a silver lining.
Then I walked the dog, and he seemed to know that I was feeling under par, because he behaved himself, didnt make me shout, and didnt run away...makes a change!!!
Then a nice prawn risotto...little bit of chilli it for my blocked nose..just the job, and a quiet evening in my pj's watching rubbish telly!! Heaven xx

Friday, 21 October 2011

The Jungle Book

Bella is obsessed with this at the moment, and although I have seen it a ridiculous amount of times in my life, I love it!!! I first saw it when I was a very little girl, with my beloved Godmum, Aunty Rita, and I can remember it as if it was yesterday.
So I sat and watched it again today, and I still find it entertaining, and very funny. No sex, no gratuitous violence, just good old fashioned entertainnment. Good old Walt Disney, what a guy!!!!
Even more funny, was Bella singing her version of 'de bare bercessities'' later on that day...classic xx

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Predictive text!!!

Now...this is short today has been  busy busy busy, but something just happened to make me smile.I usually find it extremely irritating, and if I could turn it off, I would.
So I sent a message to a friend, who was coming to see me tomorrow, and it turned out like this ''thought I should let you know, that Bella will be here tomorrow, and Katy has a nasty FLIRTY  type bug, so if you'd rather not come thats fine''
Thanfully I read it before I sent it, and exchanged the word 'FLUEY' for FLIRTY!!! Although, who knows with Katy!!! ;)    xx

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

friends from the past!

Today I had a visit from my friend Debbie, and her beautiful little boy, Billy, who is two and a half. Now Debbie and I go way back, to when she was about 7,and I used to babysit her, I was 17. The fact that I quite liked her brother at the time,  was irrelevant!!!!
We refound each other about 18 months ago, and have seen each other several times, and she is now my 'adopted' younger sister. And what is weird, is that we are incredibly alike in many ways...a hatred of housework, same sense of humour. I love her company, and I adore Billy, he actually reduced Anna and Katy to tears in their eyes with his cuteness, He is Bellas male  mirror image, cheeky, naughty, and incredibly cute and funny! He is obsessed with Andrews 'pooey' blue accounting for taste.
It was a fun day, and hope to see them again soon. Debbie has not had things easy, to say the least, but is a fantastic mummy to Billy, and a lovely friend xx

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Other peoples words!!!!

Love this, it made me grin, and I know Katy will like it too! I see lots of pics/quotes that make me smile.

this one too, A beautiful spelling mistake!!!!

and this one, And that is all for today....LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE XX

Monday, 17 October 2011

Surprise surprise!!!

Had a great day today, spent the morning decluttering my sitting room....DVD'S tidied away, ornaments removed that arent essential...etc
Bed Inspector came, measured, photographed, says saggy mattress doesnt look right...he wants to try sleeping on it...he will put in a report..I wait with bated breath.
Went into Newbury, and as a treat for our busy day, we had a coffee and a cake in Costa's...yummy and then...the surprise.
Now as some of you will know already, Hubby and I regularly...well once a year... bunk off to the establishment above, The Grand Hotel in Swanage. We love it, its friendly comfy and the food is wonderful. we have met some lovely people in the several years we have been going there, not least a sweet couple, from Hungary, called Andras, and Beata. Bea was our waitress, and Andras did various roles front of house. we got to know them, they were there two years running,really making our holiday special, friendly , humourous, efficient and then.....they left, to go to Winchester. BOO!!!
However, we kept in touch throught the wonders of Facebook, and they were working in a Tapas Bar. Imagine our surprise, whilst ambling back to the car, whent hey both suddenly appeared out of the very new Tapas bar in Newbury, having been transferred up here. Hugs all round and lots of laughter and smiles. Oh and probably lunch out next wednesday if I am a good girl!! YUM.
Such a great made us both really happy!!!!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

extended family!!! anyone who knows me knows, my family are everything to me, and today has been great because they were nearly all here for dinner (David had a free pass because he's here every other sunday) And it was lovely, if noisy and hectic...all three of my beautiful grandchildren in the bath together, laughing and splashing...well , Lucas wasn't, he was crying mostly, but you cant win 'em all!!!!
 But what really bought a smile to my face was the little lass, from across the road, appearing in my driveway this afternoon. she has been part of our extended family for about 8 years,she is now 10, and is delightful. She came to the door,first time on her own ,and we had a ridiculous conversation about whether she had come to live with me, and she said yes, so I said  ''well do mum and dad know you are here'' and she looked at me grinning, and said''well of course they do, they needed to know so they could bring my belongings over later, and laughed!!! So she played with the dog, and wth Evie and Bella, then I saw her back over the road. Iloved that she felt able to just pop over and visit
I love extended family, I have many 'adopted' children, that call me 'other mum', and friends that are almost as dear to me as my family,and I woudnt be without for anything

Saturday, 15 October 2011

short and sweet!

Short one tonight, late and all that. But.....had dinner tonight with a young lady that I havent met in person for about 20 years, but have kept in touch through the wonder that is Facebook! Andrew and I met her in Newbury, and we had a lovely meal, ,chat, and laughs!
She is 30, and among the words I would use to describe her are:
and because she has been through more in her short life, than most of us will go through in a lifetime, without moaning or self pity.....FLIPPING AMAZING!!!
oh and courageous.

When you feel like having a moan, look around you and see how other people deal with their problems, you may be inspired

Friday, 14 October 2011

Sisterly love!

Here you go sissy, you asked for it........

I have one sister, I love her to bits. We are so very different in many ways...she is houseproud...I couldnt really give a stuff. She is the youngest, but is much more mature and sensible than me. She still has a pay-as -you -go ancient phone, I have an HTC Wildfire S. She takes her clothes off on holiday and I keep mine firmly on. She is good with money..I spend mine. So.........chalk and cheese!
But, she is my best friend, she listens to me when I moan, or am upset. We have lengthy discussions about our parents, still trying to work them out after all this time. We've been there for each other for ever...well, once I stopped hiding her knickers when we got dressed in front of the gas fire when we were small.
Anyway, today she came for lunch, and for an up to date view of her great Neice and great Nephew. We had fun, laughed at Bellas antics, coo-ed over Lucas and chatted.
I dont see her enough...but we both know we are there at the end of a phone if we need each other.
So YES Sarah, you made me smile today.

love you sissy xxx

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Out of the mouths of babes!!!

Now, I wasn't sure what I was going to write today, as many things have made me happy today...a visit from my lovely sister-in-law at lunchtime, Bella in complete frustration after trying to do up her dungarees for the umpteenth time saying ''Oh my God''!!!! ( not  appropriate , I know, but it was terribly funny) and then I went babysitting!
 Now, as many of you will know, I adore children, and although as I get older I sometimes think my patience is wearing a bit thin, dont mind the occasional putting to bed of the two little ones across the road. I went, to find two little darlings in the bath, so we finished bathtime, not without a huge paddy from smaller child, over something so ridiculous, it was untrue.
Then followed storytime, a chapter of BFG, for elder bunny, and a book called 'Lettice', about a ballet dancing rabbit(?) for the diva(still doing little sobs), then hot chocolate, teeth brushing, and tucking in,.....and......................silence.

So, I put my feet up, watch the old box for a bit, mum and dad come home, pennies in pocket...and just as I was about to leave, mum said, ''Oh B said the other day ''Jane and Andrew and Bella and Evie and all the others aren't our family are they'', so I said no they are not, to which he replied ''well I lobve love them like family, I dont just like them, I love them in a big heart, like I love you and daddy and grandma and grandpa''

Cue warm fuzzy feeling all over!! And a BIG smile

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


I love cooking, it is one of my greatest pleasures. I'm not so good at recipes, though I can do it, but i like just chucking a few things into a pan, and seeing how it comes out.
This was tonights effort, a risotto, with leek, scallops, prawns and cherry tomatoes, and a hint of chilli...yummy. Didnt measure anything, just guessed it, but it seemed to work out ok, and was extremely comforting after a hectic day.
If I had time, I would cook lovely stuff every day, I mean, theres always a cake in the tin, and we always have dinner, but sausage egg and chips isnt very technical...although it is hubbys fave!!

I worked in various pub/restaurants, and picked up loads of tips from the chefs, I loved being in a pro kitchen, watching and learning. I love cookery programmes, and cookery books.
Dont get me wrong, I have had my disasters as well...ask the kids about my baked Alaska...about 15 years ago...yes it ended up in a pool on the bottom of the oven ,but hey ( havent made it since).

Home made soup was on the menu today as well, for my sister- n-laws lunchtime visit tomorrow. A mix of vegetables, chopped, potato, carrot, sweet potato, onion, leek...sweated in a little butter, then covered with boiling water, a large pinch of mixed herbs,and some organic veg stock, some red lentils, frozen peas and sweetcorn, then simmered till tender. Then I blend half of it, to thicken, and Voila!!!!!

Comfort food at its best...and all wholesome.....believe me, I have been known to indulge in fast food, and enjoy it occasionally, but theres nothing like tasty homecooked food to put a smile on my face

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


This made me smile today...what an amazing picture? It is of a couple from USA  with their sextuplet babies...beautiful. As those of you who know me well, childbirth and pregnancy is a subject very close to my heart.And that is why I do the job I do. I am a 'Doula'. Now most people I tell say WHAT? when I say what I do, so for the uninformed this is what I do. I give non medical support, to pregnant mums, their partners,and families, before, during and after childbirth.
That is my website. I have been doing the job for about 12 months now, and adore every minute. I have done postnatal work, where I go into peoples homes after they arrive home with their little one, and offer a bit of extra support, with housework, help with other children, or just lending an ear, or a shoulder.
I have attended births, being an extra hand to hold, an advocate,or sometimes just sitting quietly and watching, being there if needed.
It is an honour to be chosen by these ladies,and I try to give 110% each time. Each birth is a miracle, and I never tire of seeing a new life make his or her way into the world. I hope to see many more.
I am on call at the moment to go and support a lovely lady through her second birth, and each night, I go to bed, excited that I may get that call.
The most precious babies to me are of course, my own four...though they are on the big side now, and producing the next generation...equally as precious.
They mean the world to me, and each one makes me smile everytime I see them..and I've seen them all today. Lucky lucky me!!!!

Monday, 10 October 2011

The age of chivalry is not dead

Today I had to visit the osteopath, always an enjoyable outing, but what made me smile today, was the fact that as I entered the waiting room, an elderly gentleman actually stood up and said 'good afternoon', as I came in! Now that doesnt happen very often, and thats a shame. We then had a nice chat about the weather, and the magazine he was reading, I found out where he lived, how often he had been to the osteopath...ETC.
He left before me for his appointment, saying 'so very nice to meet you' as he left . Such a gentleman.
My dad is a gentleman...he always opens the car door for my mum, and waits until she's in before he shuts it, walks on the outside of the pavement when walking with a lady, and opens doors to let people through.
It must be a generation thing, and maybe in this case, the older generation are in the lead.  However, its not just  the fault of the male younger generation. Maybe the females need to become more accepting of 'chivalrous' behaviour? Go on...let him open a door for you, carry your might grow to like it!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

across the generations!

This clip made me smile, and it made many others smile too. The couple in this are obviously not in the first flush of youth, but does that hold them back????  He is 90, and they have been married 62 years, and I would imagine their shared musical interest and sense of fun, is what has helped  them to stick together and be so happy.
Too many old people use their age to stop enjoying things, and just sit around getting miserable.

The other thing that has made me smile today is this. My beautiful,unconventional, spirited daughter...sporting her new 'Dreads' I have NEARLY got used to her tattoo/piercings/hair colours obsession. But what really matters is that she is a lovely person, and a fantastic mummy. xxx

Third smile...well it is sunday, was a picture forwarded to me of my beautiful granddaughter Evie, eating a roast dinner. ''So what'' I hear you say, but as those who know Evie well, will know that she has an incredibly small range of foods that she will eat, so the fact that she actually sat down and tried everything on her plate, is fantastic . So big 'WELL DONE' to Evie, and a huge pat on the back to Anna for being so patient with her xxx

Saturday, 8 October 2011


Oh my goodness..what has made me smile today?...Russell Grant on Strictly Come Dancing. I've never rated him much really, but he has the ability to laugh at himself, and not mind when people laugh at him. He was hilarious, camp, flamboyant....quite loveable really!
We all need to laugh, its so therapeutic. I can remember going to see Russell Howard one time, and laughing so much, that I felt as if I'd had a holiday afterwards.
So...thats my smile for today.Go Russell, I hope you go though to the end!!!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Bitter sweet

Tricky one today....had a great day with Bella...difficult not to find something to smile about when she is around. taking the dog for a walk, she points to a hole under a tree and says ''dats where the rabbits live, Nana!'' and makes ears with her hands, and wrinkles her nose, in her two year olds impression of a rabbit. Priceless!
Then reading the 'Farm' book with her, and we get to the page with  field of vegetables on it, and she says 'Dats tarrots, tabbage, and tauliflower , Nana'  Bless her.
Then I have some sad news, that a very dear friend has lost her father today...nothing to smile about there? Except maybe just a little glimpse of a smile, because I saw him and his lovely wife last week, and introduced them to my beautiful new grandson, and he bought a huge smile to both their faces.
RIP Colin xxx

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Recycling taken to the limit!!

Lots of things have made me smile today, but this was the first one.....after it made me jump a bit!!! I went out to put a milk carton in the recycling bag.....and it moved in the bottom of the bag. Now, I know some of you will have run behind the sofa screaming, but why?
I picked it up, and had a stared back at me with its shining yellow eyes, it felt cool, but velvety, and began to walk across my hand.  'Photo opportunity' screamed in my head, so I put him down, and managed to get this shot before it waddled off into a bush.
It doesnt bite, it doesnt sting...why be afraid of it.
The funniest thing was the look on Ozzy(my labrador)'s face...head on one side..quizzical look in his eye!!!!
I smiled at the thought of Bella's reaction had she been here...she would probably have wanted to cuddle it.
Take time to look closely at things that you may be surprised

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

in the beginning

Righty...the kids do blogs, so here I go as wel! I am going to attempt, for the next 365 days, to publish one thing that I have seen, or that has happened to me, or those connected to me, that makes me happy!!!
Too much misery isn't good, and I believe that there is always something to make you smile.
  Today  October 5th, didnt start off well, due to a sleepless night, because of my sciatica...but then....My dear little grandson beamed at me, and coo-ed into the bargain. Bless him!
Thankyou one to a flying start xx