Thursday, 13 October 2011

Out of the mouths of babes!!!

Now, I wasn't sure what I was going to write today, as many things have made me happy today...a visit from my lovely sister-in-law at lunchtime, Bella in complete frustration after trying to do up her dungarees for the umpteenth time saying ''Oh my God''!!!! ( not  appropriate , I know, but it was terribly funny) and then I went babysitting!
 Now, as many of you will know, I adore children, and although as I get older I sometimes think my patience is wearing a bit thin, dont mind the occasional putting to bed of the two little ones across the road. I went, to find two little darlings in the bath, so we finished bathtime, not without a huge paddy from smaller child, over something so ridiculous, it was untrue.
Then followed storytime, a chapter of BFG, for elder bunny, and a book called 'Lettice', about a ballet dancing rabbit(?) for the diva(still doing little sobs), then hot chocolate, teeth brushing, and tucking in,.....and......................silence.

So, I put my feet up, watch the old box for a bit, mum and dad come home, pennies in pocket...and just as I was about to leave, mum said, ''Oh B said the other day ''Jane and Andrew and Bella and Evie and all the others aren't our family are they'', so I said no they are not, to which he replied ''well I lobve love them like family, I dont just like them, I love them in a big heart, like I love you and daddy and grandma and grandpa''

Cue warm fuzzy feeling all over!! And a BIG smile

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