Monday, 24 October 2011

Batty bat....Jane to the rescue!

Had a phone call about an hour ago, from Olly across the road, to ask if I was feeling alert ! so I hesitantly said 'yesss'. so he invited me over to help capture an invader in their house. And it was so beautiful, a long eared bat, doing circuits around the landing, round two pyjama clad children, who were awestruck. Is swept past us all, silently, hardly causing a draught, beautiful.
It occasionally settled behind the curtains, and at some point, Olly was able to slip Doms fishing net over it, and I bunched the net up, so it couldnt escape. We all had a quick closer look at it...tiny little body, snub nose, and beady black eyes, and it flew silently away.
I then enjoyed a glass of cold chablis, with lovely Charlotte and Olly, perfect!

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