Sunday, 12 February 2012

Simple pleasures

This week has had many happy moments, starting with a lovely weekend in the New Forest with my hubby. We walked, talked, had many a hot chocolate and cake in Costas, had lovely meals out,(a superb Chinese, a lovely pub steak, and a Prezzo's) and relaxed. Lovely!! It was nice to explore a new area of this lovely country, and see just what is on our doorstep. To take the time to just be us, and have no distractions.

On return, I visited Ozzys pups, 10 little black soft bundles, what a clever pair of dogs. Its amazing that in such a short time a dog can produce 10 perfect little puppies.

Thursday morning was different, I went to do some post natal work, and we took a stroll into Newbury. On approaching the Robin hood roundabout, all hell was breaking loose, due to a young swan walking round the roundabout!! It made us smile, and the rest of the morning passed without event, but with cuddles of a beautiful baby boy.

Friday was a Bella day..and it had snowed. So, Nana and Bella made two snowmen in the garden, complete with hats and scarves. Huge fun ! I have to say little Bella is on really great form at the moment, greatly down to the fact that her mummy is happy and relaxed again. So big thumbs up to Tania and Jonny for that...not forgetting the lovely Shelley as well.All a mum wants is for her children to be happy, and it is hard when they are not.

This morning I paid a visit to Anna and Sams...always hilarious to visit them, their banter amuses me no end. My two beautiful grandchildren were on fine form, Evie showing her tip top reading skills, and Lucas smiling his head off as usual
And here is Evies picture that she drew for Philip Schofield, or 'cube man' as she calls him!!!!! Bless her heart.
So.all in all a good week, lets  hope for another this week!!!!!!! xx