Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Today was  a Bella day, bless her, she came in, demanded cooked breakfast with Grandad, ate 3 chipolatas, 2 rashers of bacon and a bit of tomato. Then we went to Dreams and she helped lie on beds! then a trip to the Bella heaven that is Pets at Home, looking at all the animals, lots of ''oh, so cute'' from Bella....fascination at a cage full of geckos, and wonder at all the fish
Then home for a lovely walk  with Ozzy, and throwing stones into the cows drinking trough. Home for lunch, and then a quiet couple of hours while Little Miss Tired had a sleep.
Later in the afternoon, she asked where grandad was, so, I said, 'he's in the garden, do you want to lookout of the window. (Grandad was rodding the blocked drains) I lifted her up and tapped on the window to let Grandad know she was watching, at which point, in great excitement she said ''Oh Grandad, can I come fishing too''.........couldnt stop laughing!!!
Not sure she would find many fish in our septic tank!!!

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