Sunday, 16 October 2011

extended family!!! anyone who knows me knows, my family are everything to me, and today has been great because they were nearly all here for dinner (David had a free pass because he's here every other sunday) And it was lovely, if noisy and hectic...all three of my beautiful grandchildren in the bath together, laughing and splashing...well , Lucas wasn't, he was crying mostly, but you cant win 'em all!!!!
 But what really bought a smile to my face was the little lass, from across the road, appearing in my driveway this afternoon. she has been part of our extended family for about 8 years,she is now 10, and is delightful. She came to the door,first time on her own ,and we had a ridiculous conversation about whether she had come to live with me, and she said yes, so I said  ''well do mum and dad know you are here'' and she looked at me grinning, and said''well of course they do, they needed to know so they could bring my belongings over later, and laughed!!! So she played with the dog, and wth Evie and Bella, then I saw her back over the road. Iloved that she felt able to just pop over and visit
I love extended family, I have many 'adopted' children, that call me 'other mum', and friends that are almost as dear to me as my family,and I woudnt be without for anything

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