Friday, 14 October 2011

Sisterly love!

Here you go sissy, you asked for it........

I have one sister, I love her to bits. We are so very different in many ways...she is houseproud...I couldnt really give a stuff. She is the youngest, but is much more mature and sensible than me. She still has a pay-as -you -go ancient phone, I have an HTC Wildfire S. She takes her clothes off on holiday and I keep mine firmly on. She is good with money..I spend mine. So.........chalk and cheese!
But, she is my best friend, she listens to me when I moan, or am upset. We have lengthy discussions about our parents, still trying to work them out after all this time. We've been there for each other for ever...well, once I stopped hiding her knickers when we got dressed in front of the gas fire when we were small.
Anyway, today she came for lunch, and for an up to date view of her great Neice and great Nephew. We had fun, laughed at Bellas antics, coo-ed over Lucas and chatted.
I dont see her enough...but we both know we are there at the end of a phone if we need each other.
So YES Sarah, you made me smile today.

love you sissy xxx

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