Tuesday, 11 October 2011


This made me smile today...what an amazing picture? It is of a couple from USA  with their sextuplet babies...beautiful. As those of you who know me well, childbirth and pregnancy is a subject very close to my heart.And that is why I do the job I do. I am a 'Doula'. Now most people I tell say WHAT? when I say what I do, so for the uninformed this is what I do. I give non medical support, to pregnant mums, their partners,and families, before, during and after childbirth.
That is my website. I have been doing the job for about 12 months now, and adore every minute. I have done postnatal work, where I go into peoples homes after they arrive home with their little one, and offer a bit of extra support, with housework, help with other children, or just lending an ear, or a shoulder.
I have attended births, being an extra hand to hold, an advocate,or sometimes just sitting quietly and watching, being there if needed.
It is an honour to be chosen by these ladies,and I try to give 110% each time. Each birth is a miracle, and I never tire of seeing a new life make his or her way into the world. I hope to see many more.
I am on call at the moment to go and support a lovely lady through her second birth, and each night, I go to bed, excited that I may get that call.
The most precious babies to me are of course, my own four...though they are on the big side now, and producing the next generation...equally as precious.
They mean the world to me, and each one makes me smile everytime I see them..and I've seen them all today. Lucky lucky me!!!!

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