Sunday, 20 November 2011

I'm Back!!!!!!

Sorry folks, been very lazy about this for a while, just been busy, you know how it is?!!! Bit like the proverbial, in the photo. Anyway all is good, and this weekend I have ploughed on with the Christmas preperations.wrapped all the presents that I have already got, made the Christmas cake, and put 4 dozen mince pies in the freezer.
sickeningly organised? not really, I just know that December could be busy, as I have two births booked and I didnt want to leave too much to do.
I also caught up on my paper work, which was all behind, so, I feel content that I have got stuff done. Now have a busy week coming up, little miss Bella is having a sleepover tomorrow...lush morning cuddles for me on Tuesday. I have some postnatal work to do, and meetings with both birth clients. All good fun!!!!
And, at the moment,I should be asleep, as its quarter past midnight, but having gone to bed at ten, and tossed and turned for 90 minutes, I decided to get up and do something positive with the time. So the Blog gets it! Now shall retry the sleep thing. Night night all xx

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