Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A new life!!!

  first off, sorry!!!!  havent been keeping up with my blog, been a bit under the weather, and then, yesterday, I got called to work at 4pm. My lovely client was in hospital waiting to be induced with her baby. Without going into all the details, it was a long, drawn out affair, very painful for mum, and worrying for dad, and after a night with no sleep, it was a huge relief when a beautiful perfect little girl made her way into the world with a lot of help.
The medical team, were without exception, kind, compassionate, and professional, so big up to maternity unit at Great Western Hospital.
The birth of a baby is always special, wonderful and miraculous, but to be there, with my lovely clients, supporting, learning, laughing and crying, is an honour.
 Be happy, little girl and bring your lovely mummy and daddy huge joy. xx

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