Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Recent high's!!!!

Well, since I was here last, a few things have made me smile. Last Friday I was extremely honoured to be allowed into the Caesarean section of a client. Its not usual for a Doula to go in alongside the husband/partner, but this was a special situation, as my client and her husband are visually impaired, so I was their 'eyes'. It was amazing, I was able to see most of the procedure in a well positioned window reflection, and was overwhelmed when a tiny 10 week early baby boy was pulled into the world.
I was able to describe each step, and then describe the little man himself as he was being looked after by the paediatricians.
But the best bit was when he was brought to him mummy and daddy, and the two of them examined him in great detail with their fingers, counting each finger and toe ,tracing the shape of his tiny ears, nose and mouth, and delighting in what they found. Huge lump in my throat for that I can tell you!!
He continues to do incrdiby well, and is now off his Oxygen therapy and feeding well through his tube. Lovely stuff!

The week before that, I drove myself, Katy, Bella and Shelley up to Castleford to the wedding of Brummi and Mark. It was a wonderful day, relaxed, happy and fun, and they are the loveliest couple, I wish them all the happiness in the world

So, what else...aaah yes, had Lucas to stay for the day on Saturday. He was soooo delicious...bit naughty about sleeping, but his chocolate brown eyes make me melt. He laughed, had big cuddles with Uncle Joe and Grandad, and had a visit across the road, where he was lugged about by Abigail and Dominic, and loved it!! He was a bit of a pickle in the evening, didnt want to go to sleep, but eventually he dropped off on my lap, and so I sat there with him until he went home, all snuggled up, my precious boy

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