Tuesday, 10 January 2012

games from the past!!!

Got one of these today...for  a tenner, from the Community Furniture project in Newbury. So exciting, because it takes me back to my childhood, and the many happy hours spent playing it at my Nana's house, and at dear Aunty Ritas. We got very competitive back in those days, trying hard to get one of the shiny silver  balls in the '150' pocket...no easy task I can tell you!!!! Anyway, Bella is hooked already and has the idea very quickly, so hopefully Evie will enjoy it too........no cables, no computers? We shall see
We played all sorts of games in those days, Pick up Sticks,Jack Straws,  Mousie Mousie, Pit(very noisy), Monopoly for hours, French skipping, ordinary skipping, 'twosie balls' Hurry Scurry( a particular favourite at Aunty and Uncles house!) We roller skated down the road, hopscotch on the pavement.
Happy happy times, and not a computer to be seen.
Cant wait for a bagatelle tournament later!!!!

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