Thursday, 29 December 2011

Well thats that then!!!

So Christmas came and went, it was lovely, crazy, busy, noisy, carbo full. But I am glad its over. Yes I know...misery!!!! but its not that I dont enjoy it, its just the feeling of relief, that I got everyone reasonable presents, the food was ok, and that no-one got ill.
I was ready early for Christmas this year as I had two births booked, so I didnt get the mad last minute rush that I usually get, and then as it happens, one was cancelled, so I had some free time to enjoy the build up.
So as I speak, I am laying on Lucas's bean bag( very comfy), with him asleep in his chair, sucking noisily on his dummy, with Norah Jones singing to him to keep him ssleep....dont think he like it when his mummy isnt here!!! but how lucky am I?? Oh..and to cap it all..I spy a large box of choccies over there...............................

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